We are excited to announce the availability of a new transfer type within the EBANQ core, the SEPA Transfer. With this new transfer type, your users can easily create SEPA transfer requests, distinct from the Outgoing Wire Transfer, thereby permitting the administrator to apply separate fees for use-cases where both SEPA and non-SEPA transfers are being processed. A simplified form with less input fields means the time to create requests is greatly reduced and this, combined with validation that includes an IBAN format checker, should translate into a greatly reduced incidence of erroneous data for administrators to manage.

If you haven’t already, consider combining this new feature with our BIC Validation module to further improve the quality of the transfer request data by validating the BIC data provided by users. Here you will find the instructions on how to enable and disable the SEPA transfer in your system along with the details on how such transfers can be created and the changes that appear in the system when the SEPA Transfer type is enabled.