A new fintech marketplace has been launched that enables investors to find licensed financial companies for sale across the world and it was built by CAPTELA, the parent company of EBANQ. The platform, called FintechTrader.com, offers a unique solution to the challenge of locating not only fintech companies for sale worldwide in a single place, but also fintech related products and services such as white-label banking software and debit card issuing, AML/CFT/KYC compliance services, financial licensing services and more.

FintechTrader.com focuses solely on fintech organisations and provides an clean and uncluttered platform for those who are looking to acquire, start or sell a licensed financial company, for example a Electronic Money Institution (EMI), Payment Institution, Money Service Business (MSB) or Crypto Exchange.

“We were looking for a well functioning marketplace designed specifically for the fintech sector. A place where you would find licensed entities for sale, white-label software, debit card issuing, BaaS providers, compliance services and everything else of relevance and interest to fintech market players. It simply didn’t exist!” said Mikael Magnusson, CEO of Fintech Trader Europe AB. “We’re excited to be launching this platform, which we believe will help simplify investing in the rapidly evolving fintech sector.”

FintechTrader.com offers free advertising for anything fintech related worldwide and direct communication between buyers and sellers without intermediaries. The main objective of the platform is to build the number one Fintech marketplace in the world by attracting high quality content and consequently, high quality traffic. Submitting listings on the platform is 100% free for both buyers and sellers.

For more information about FintechTrader.com, please visit the website at fintechtrader.com.