Welcome to our AI powered live support. Our virtual customer service agent, ALEQ, never sleeps and is available 24/7/365. ALEQ is powered by Chat GPT4 technology and he has read and memorized most of our documentation such as features list, admin guides, tech specs, API endpoints, optional modules, pretty much all of it. We dare to say (reluctantly) that he knows more than any one person at EBANQ. You talk to ALEQ just the way you would talk to a human. For actual Homo sapien support, you can always create a support ticket automatically by sending an email to help (at) ebanq (dot) com.


Would you like your own ChatGPT-powered AI Bot on your EBANQ system? Your AI Bot can assist users and leads with customer service related queries, but also help selling and upselling your products and services. A customer service and sales executive in one, working tirelessly 24/7 for you without requiring a salary or vacations. All you need is our Intercom chat module and a AI chatbot subscription with Intercom. See our Modules page for further details.