Welcome Developers!

Would you like to develop your own features around EBANQ or integrate with third party platforms? You have come to the right place! Our platform is API based, meaning that all features available in the web interface (both bank-admin and end-user) can also be accessed through API endpoints. Please review our API documentation to explore all available endpoints.

Click Here to view the EBANQ API documentation

The EBANQ Online Banking Software is built with a 100% modular architecture using AWS microservices.

Basic Tech Stack:

Languages: Go 1.13-1.17, JS, Bash
Go Frameworks/Libraries: Gin, Gorm, gPRC/Twirp, Uber Dig, Playground Validator, ShopSpring Decimal
Frontend frameworks: Angular v6 + Redux (ngrx), RxJS
Web Server: Nginx Continuous Delivery: Ansible, Bitbucket Pipelines
AWS Cloud Services: EC2, RDS, S3, ECR, Route 53, CloudWatch, VPC, GuardDuty
Databases: MySQL 8.0+, Redis
Virtualization: Docker
Communication between Microservices: gRPC (Protocol Buffers) using Twirp, RabbitMQ

Please contact us for further technical details or ask ALEQ our AI powered Co-worker available 24/7.


“We dare to say that we have created the most beautiful and user-friendly e-banking software in the world, without making sacrifices when it comes to functionality and security.”


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