Demo Access

Thank you for your interest in EBANQ.

Please go to and log in with the following credentials:

End user interface:
User: Demo-User
Password: Demo-Access1

Administrator interface:
User: Bank-Admin
Password: Demo-Access1

Feel free to play around with the demo, to create users, accounts, and to post transactions. Please check out our video tutorials here.

We also strongly encourage you to have a chat with our AI-powered co-worker, ALEQ. We have trained him extensively on all things EBANQ. He has read all our technical documentation and user-manuals and can answer questions about features, tech specs, API endpoints, optional modules and more.

The demo is cleaned up automatically every few hours, so the data you enter will be deleted with no action required on your behalf.

You have already received an email with pricing information from our sales team.

Please be sure to also download our Mobile Demo App:

If you need any technical assistance, please note that you can create a Support Ticket anytime by sending a message to

You can also chat with our AI powered co-worker, Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Please also visit our EBANQ CORE page for further details.


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