EBANQ Login Screen

This is the login screen for both end-users and administrators. The color scheme, custom logo, as well as the text blocks (security tips etc) can be edited through the standard administrator settings. You can achieve your own look and feel in seconds.

EBANQ Main Screen

This is the landing page after end-user login. The screen displays the latest transactions, current balance, and secure message notifications, as well as the main menu with additional options. The user can easily switch between accounts (if multiple) using the drop down menu. The search function can be used to display custom date ranges, and/or to search for specific transactions using any parameter, such as amount, description, sender, recipient.

EBANQ Transfers

This screen is displayed when an end-user clicks on the "Transfer" option in the main menu. The user can choose from transfers between own accounts, to another user within the same bank, or to an external account at any bank, by wire transfer. The card funding option only appears if the card feature has been enabled in the admin interface. Submitted transfer requests appear in the admin interface, after having been properly authorized by the user, applying the additional TAN code security feature for outgoing transactions (if enabled in the admin interface).

EBANQ Wire Transfer

This form is used by end-users to request a transfer to an external account at another bank, by wire transfer. The form complies with the standard SWIFT format for international payments. Intermediary (correspondent) bank information fields are only displayed when a user ticks the relevant box, "Specify Intermediary Bank". This provides for a shorter, more straight forward form, since most users typically provide Beneficiary Bank information only.

EBANQ Card Funding

This form is used by end-users to request funding of pre-associated cards (if any). This feature is only visible in the end-user interface if the card feature has been enabled in the admin settings.