The EBANQ online banking software was designed to be the most user friendly e-banking application on the market, not only for your end-users, but also for you, the administrator. The platform is 100% web based, and encrypted using bank-grade SSL encryption. Your users can login from any device, using any browser, with their username and password. The system detects and adjusts to the device, screen size and browser used, ensuring a perfect layout and functionality on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets alike. We can also offer fully customised Mobile Apps for iOS and Android. 

The main user-screen (see screenshots below) displays the latest transactions, current balance, secure message notifications, and a menu with additional options. The user can easily switch between accounts (if more than one) by using the drop down menu, and switch between accounts and cards (if applicable), by clicking on the relevant tab. Everything is clean, clear, and self-explanatory. 

The system supports multiple administrator accounts, with different functions and authorization levels. All relevant transaction fees can be configured in the admin settings, and applied automatically when transactions are executed. Customers can be categorized in different profile groups, allowing for different fee schedules for different client types (e.g. personal and corporate). The system supports multiple currencies and cross-currency transactions, incorporating a European Central Bank (ECB) exchange rate feed. Applicable rates can be adjusted to include a conversion profit margin. Exchange rates can also be set manually if required. We can also integrate with any other exchange rate feed of your choice. Virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies can also be added to the system if required. 

You can customize the system in seconds by changing the color scheme, and by uploading your own logotypes in the admin settings. Below you can view a number of screenshots from the EBANQ end-user interface. Click here to view screenshots from the EBANQ administrator interface. You can also gain instant access to our LIVE DEMO, both as administrator and as end-user.