Who can use EBANQ?

The EBANQ virtual banking platform is the perfect online banking software solution for any business managing client accounts, such as banks, trust companies, finance companies, payroll companies, savings & loans, credit unions, cooperatives, and other non-bank financial institutions.

Where is the EBANQ system hosted?

When you have acquired the EBANQ online banking system you can choose whether to host on your own server/hosting account, or to let us provide a state-of-the-art cloud solution complete with periodical updates and support.

Do you charge annual license fees based on my number of users?

EBANQ is not charging any ongoing license fees, whether you have 5 end users or 5 million.

Can EBANQ support payment cards?

Yes, the system includes a debit card funding feature which is provider independent. Please contact us if you require full integration with any specific card program. We can also have the system generate batch load files for uploading to the card management platform of your choice. 

Can I use EBANQ to offer mobile banking services?

Certainly! EBANQ is the only mobile ready "out of the box" solution in its market segment. The system looks and works great on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. We also offer the option of your own fully customised Mobile App for iOS and Android. We customise the app for you and take care of all app store approvals. Bringing your mobile banking services to the next level has never been easier!

Does the EBANQ system support multiple administrator accounts?

Yes, you can create any number of administrator profiles, also with different authorization levels.

Does the EBANQ system support multiple currencies?

Yes, EBANQ is a multi-currency account management platform. You can enable and disable currencies in the admin settings any time. Transactions between accounts in different currencies can be executed using a European Central Bank (ECB) exchange rate feed or a feed of your choice. We can also add any additional currency you might require, including virtual currencies and crypto currencies.

Can EBANQ reports be exported for use with other software applications?

Yes, all system data can be exported for use in external software applications and systems.

Can EBANQ provide payment clearing services?

No. EBANQ provides online banking software solutions only. However, we can suggest suitable solutions for payment clearing in various currencies, including USD and EUR. We also have optional modules available for credit/debit card processing (acquiring) within the EBANQ platform. 

Can the EBANQ interface be customized?

Yes, you can easily change the color scheme and icons, and of course upload your own custom logo files. If you require additional customization, our highly skilled programmers will be happy to assist.

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EBANQ has been recognized as 2016 Top 10 Retail Banking Solution by CIO Outlook Magazine.

EBANQ Top 10 Retail Banking Solution